Episode #20

A Girl on the Shore and The Gods Lie

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We're back for the first podcast of the month of May! Do you know what that means? It's our 20th episode! That's right, every May, we at the Taiiku Podcast will be releasing the 20th episode of this podcast every May.

Alright, that was dumb. Anyway, I brought Jared (@savevsjared) and Dylan (@Hazukari) on to talk about two Vertical manga. The first is Inio Asano's A Girl on the Shore and the second is Kaori Ozaki's the gods lie. It's stylized in lower case, which is weird. Jared forgot to read A Girl on the Shore, so we're very spoiler free in the first half, then we try to keep spoilers out of the gods lie part.

Check Jared's stuff out at Ani-Gamers and Electrum Edition! Check out Dylan doing various panels at anime cons! Upcoming, he's doing Violent Japanamations from Japan: The Hyperviolent Cartoons You Should Be Watching and Anime Openings through the Decades at Acen and Anime Openings through the Decades, Top 10 OVAs through Time, and Gattai: Giant Robot Anime of 198X at Anime NEXT.


Show notes:

0:36 - We start the show and talk A Girl on the Shore!

0:15:09 - We start talking about the gods lie!

0:37:10 - Closing thoughts on A Girl on the Shore and the gods lie.

Next time, we're gonna continue the Slam Dunk watch with episodes 33-48!

Published on May 11 2016

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