Episode #15

A Silent Voice and To Your Eternity

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This is the first time a Taiiku and Manga In Your Ears episode have hit the same day, and it probably won't be the last? Various circumstances will, I'm sure, press the matter once again and I'll be editing into the late evening hours editing once again months or years down the road.

This episode, we're talking about Yoshitoki Ōima's A Silent Voice and To Your Eternity, both published by Kodansha.

That song you heard at the top is "My Generation" by The Who, which was also used as the opening song for the A Silent Voice movie.

Helen didn't join us this time, but you can still find her on Twitter @WanderinDreamr. And as always, you can find me on Twitter @ImpassionateK, and my other co-host Apryll on Twitter @manjiorin. You can find both of their writing at The Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses, more of Helen's writing at Narrative Investigations, and my writing at the Fandom Post.


Show notes:

0:48 - We talk about A Silent Voice!

19:31 - We talk about To Your Eternity!

Next time is TBD because I might not be there next time due to moving.

Published on February 22 2018

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