Episode #19

Ace of Diamond Second Season

In this episode

Ace of Diamond is over!! We're all very, very sad. ;_; To wrap up the show, I brought on guests from the last episode Chris (@gokuffy) and Jared (@jyareddo) and we're joined by, from the Taisho Baseball Girls podcast, the Reverse Thieves' Kate (@narutakiRT).


Show notes:

0:30 - Start of the episode and introductions!

4:00 - Kate recaps her experience with jumping into the show 70-odd episodes in rather than excruciatingly week to week.

10:07 - We get into the second season proper, sort of!

43:20 - Jared asks the hard questions of Kate: Miyuki Kazuya or Kiyoshi Teppei

1:11:41 - Jared makes the BEST ANALOGY EVER.

1:18:19 - We talk about what we want to see in Ace of Diamond Act II!

Published on April 09 2016

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