Episode #26

Complex Age and Love Live Sunshine

In this episode

Welcome back to the best damn sports anime podcast around! We're not talking about sports anime or manga again, as is typical. First up, I have the best cosplayer I know enough to ask on my podcast in Helen (@WanderinDreamr) to talk about Complex Age. Then, we've got Chris (@gokuffy), Ruby (@PassionTentacle), and Kenny (@Minoru79) talking about the greatest anime of 2016: Love Live Sunshine! Sorry, Ruby's audio is kind of sketchy at parts...I tried to edit out the worst parts and still make it cohesive, but I can only do so much.


Show notes:

0:32 - Helen and I talk about Complex Age!

20:37 - Chris, Ruby, Kenny, and I round out the episode with Love Live Sunshine!

Then we're done! Next time, we have a special anniversary episode that's only a month or so late!

Published on September 28 2016

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