Episode #2

Ping Pong the Animation

In this episode

We’re back and better than ever! This time, I’m joined by Tom (@ABCBTom), Casey (@MinovskyArticle), and Tony (@tondog) to talk about Ping Pong the Animation.

Prior to, Tom and I wrote up Ping Pong at the Fandom Post. Check it out!


Show notes:

As always, there are spoilers abound and no warnings for them. So if you haven’t watched Ping Pong yet, go watch it and then listen to the podcast!

0:28 - Introductions and what we’ve been watching! It’s the start of the winter season, so there’s a bunch of stuff.

23:41 - Ping Pong talk! Looooooooooooots of Ping Pong talk.

And that’s it! I only had one break this time.

Published on November 11 2014

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