Episode #36

The Most Beautiful and March Comes in Like a Lion

In this episode

We are back once again, and it is finally baseball season! My White Sox are a surprising 6-5 only nine games into their season, but there's still time to #TankForBeer for the rebuilding Sox.

More importantly, we're here with Chris (@gokuffy) and Jared (@savevsjared) to talk about March Comes in Like a Lion. Chris and I also continue our trip through the Kurosawa catalogue, this time checking out his second ever film, The Most Beautiful.


Show notes:

0:35 - We start the show with Chris, talking The Most Beautiful!

20:59 - Jared joins us to discuss the recently ended March Comes in Like a Lion!

Next time will be Big Windup! I should also consider getting back to Slam Dunk.

Published on April 16 2017

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