Episode #33

Yuri!!! on Ice

In this episode

We're back for anther January podcast with perhaps the best anime of 2016 (check in on our Top 5 Anime of 2016 podcast to find out!). Joining me this episode is Chris (@gokuffy) and Tom (@ABCBTom) to talk about Yuri!!! on Ice.


Show notes:

0:31 - We start the show and talk a bit about Sayo Yamamoto!

11:10 - I ask the two Sayo Yamamoto-ians what their impressions were of the show before it began.

16:59 - We get into Yuri!!! on Ice discussion!

Next time is the Top 5 Anime of 2016 with Chris, Ink (@AnimatedInk), and Jared (@savevsjared)!

Published on January 12 2017

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