Manga Plus: The Sign of Abyss; Spotless Love: This Love Cannot Be Any More Beautiful; Hina Change; and Curtain’s up, I’m off

Given that there are three sports leagues trying to do bubbles in Florida, the hotspot of COVID in the entire world, does not bode well for the start of the NBA and WNBA, nor the continuation of MLS, but hopefully they can all get through the entire seasons without any cases and without any casualties. At least NWSL appears to be in full swing and doing very well, so I continue to be hopeful. MLB though…

This episode, we’re doing a special Manga Plus episode where we sample four fairly short series of the free app / website. First is Maya Takamura’s The Sign of Abyss. Second is Otaro Maijo (story) and Arata Momose’s (art) Spotless Love: This Love Cannot Be Any More Beautiful. Third is Gaku Kajikawa’s Hina Change. And finally is Akitaka Imakoshi’s Curtain’s up, I’m off.

I used a lot of songs in this episode, so here it goes. The Eagles’ “Hole in the World,” Phoebe Bridgers’ “Killer,” Janelle Monae’s “Screwed,” and Run River North’s “Lying Beast.”

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Show notes:

0:45 – We talk about The Sign of Abyss!

13:23 – We talk about Spotless Love!

20:33 – We talk about Hina Change!

28:03 – We talk about Curtains up, I’m off!

Next time is Nodame Cantabile and Act Age!

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