Top Anime of 2022

I’ve been following Chelsea for a couple years now; in depth since their most recent Champions League win. And I have no idea what’s happening? Like does this happen with all football teams? Not the “owned by a Russian oligarch” thing, but the “big amounts of turnover leading to ???” thing. Can’t wait for the all 11 with just forwards.

Also tweetbot broke again because twitter sucks like immediately after recording this podcast, so I’m back off twitter.

Anyway. This episode, it’s our annual top lists extravaganza! Chris (@gokuffy), Helen (@WanderinDreamr), and Chris (@antoniuspius) join me to talk about our favorite anime of the year 2022 for nearly four hours.

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Show notes:

0:30 – Number fives

37:48 – Number fours

1:10:44 – Number threes

1:46:48 – Number twos

2:28:12 – Number ones

3:06:06 – Also rans

Next time is top movies of 2022

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