Welcome to the FIRST EVER Taiiku Podcast. My name is Kory Cerjak (Twitter’s @ImpassionateK) and I have created this podcast to talk about sports anime. I also write about anime, manga, and comics over at the Fandom Post.

In this very special episode, I am joined by Camellia (@cyborgsoda) and Kyle (@ANewtypeCentury) to talk about one of the greatest sports anime out there: Chihayafuru.

There are spoilers abound for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, so watch out for that.

(Way later note: The audio on this really sucks, sorry. Recorded a new one with Chris (@gokuffy) and Ink (@AnimatedInk) here and here.)

Hope you enjoy!


Show notes:

3:37 – Introductions and what we’ve been watching!

30:45 – We start actually talking about Chihayafuru!

49:59 – Taichi!

1:23:18 – How does Chihayafuru compare to other sports anime!

And then we’re done! Phew!

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