Kick Heart and Bamboo Blade

Welcome BACK to the Taiiku Podcast where we talk about all things sports anime and I, the yellow ranger, make better introductions in text than I do in speech. We have a bevy of guests this time. For the Kick Heart section, as usual, we got Camellia (@cyborgsoda) and we’re joined by Tony (@tondog), Vinnie from All Geeks Considered (@VinnieAveAGC), and Patz from the Cockpit (@PatzPrime).

And then! We talk about the Bamboo Blade anime and manga. From the Kick Heart section, it’s the pink ranger, Camellia, and the blue ranger, Patz. Then we’re joined by the red ranger, Chris (@gokuffy).


Show notes:

0:31 – Let’s start the show! We talk about anime Kickstarters for a bit to start.

9:13 – We start actually talking about Kick Heart!

21:54 – All about kendo and Bamboo Blade!

Next time, it’s Ace of Diamond or Yowamushi Pedal’s second half. We’ll see what I feel like!

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