Ace of Diamond

It’s time for May and we are back with a podcast. In the cohost seat as always is Camellia (@cyborgsoda) and nearly regular member Chris (@gokuffy). But we break some new blood with two greens in Jared (@jyareddo) of Ani-Gamers and Save vs. Me, and Dana (@Izandra). And jeez all these folks are here to talk about baseball! That’s right, it’s the 75 episode monstrosity that is Ace of Diamond.

Check out my reviews on the Fandom Post! You might have to dig around for all of them, sorry.


Show notes:

0:30 – We talk about Ace of Diamond for a while!

I don’t even know why I did show notes, we didn’t take a break. Oh well!

Next time is the second season of Yowapeda!

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