Maris the Chojo and Wanna Be’s

Hello and welcome back to the Taiiku Podcast where I write words sometimes and then also talk sometimes. But not this time! I think I had like five lines in the entire episode. I’m gonna have to have a talking to with the director after this…

This time, I grabbed some folks from the Anime Nostalgia podcast to talk with me about Rumiko Takahashi’s Maris the Chojo and Wanna Be’s. Their wonderful host Dawn (@bunnycartoon) and the equally wonderful sometimes-guest of Anime Nostalgia, Heather (@CandyAppleCat), are the victims this time and I apologize for bringing them onto such an unprofessional show.

It does me well to make terrible jokes here so you don’t have to hear them on the podcast! Anyway, here we go. It wasn’t even that long and we talked about two OAVs.


Show notes:

0:39 – Introductions and we start talking about Maris the Chojo eventually!

21:44 – Interlude~

22:16 – And then we talk about Wanna Be’s!

And that be it kids. Next time, I think I’ll have Dawn back on with Tom (@calaggie) talking about the first release of Slam Dunk.

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