The Idiot and Slam Dunk Part 4

As they say, all good things come to an end eventually after literal years of coordination and (mostly) procrastination. But we are finally here at the end of the Slam Dunk podcast series that I promise starting way back in August of 2015. Jeez, actually two plus years…

Anyway, Chris (@gokuffy) and I start off the podcast with the second to last movie in the Post-War Kurosawa box with The Idiot. Then Dawn (@bunnycartoon) joins us to finish up Slam Dunk. Tom (@calaggie) and Casey (@MinovskyArticle) regret to inform y’all that 101 episodes was too much under the time crunch, given life. I hope to have them on again for something else!

Anyway, I’m definitely not gonna start another long podcast series again, he says knowing full well he’s gonna start a YuYu Hakusho podcast series.


Show notes:

0:39 – Chris and I talk about The Idiot!

26:18 – Dawn joins us to finish off Slam Dunk!

Next time will be Yowapeda!

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