I Live in Fear and YuYu Hakusho Part 1

Baseball has entered the playoffs and, I think by at least some metrics, my White Sox did a little better that expectations would have them at beginning of the season. Rookies came up and performed, and a few craft veterans keep helping in more ways than just on the field.

But this is about sports anime, and that’s what we’re here to talk about. At least it was gonna be before my audio for Yowapeda got corrupted. Instead, Chris (@gokuffy) and I finish off the Post-War Kurosawa set with I Live in Fear, then Ruby (@PassionTentacle) and Dawn (@bunnycartoon) join us to talk about YuYu Hakusho (which also has a manga).


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris and I talk about the final Kurosawa in the Post-War box set, I Live in Fear!

23:16 – Ruby and Dawn join us to talk about YuYu Hakusho!

1:41:17 – We answer question!

Next time is hopefully Yowamushi Pedal New Generation or something!

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