Anime Secret Santa 2017: Girls und Panzer, Love Live, and Serial Experiments Lain

It’s winter again, I almost fell outside this morning because of the ice, and the snow is beginning to fall and stick to the ground here in Iowa. So you know it’s time for…

…Our now annual (???) Reverse Thieves Anime Secret Santa podcast! Chris (@gokuffy) and Patz (@PatzPrime) join me to discuss their choices. First up is Chris with Girls und Panzer, next is Patz with Love Live, and lastly is me with Serial Experiments Lain.


Show notes:

0:30 – We start the show and talk about the shows we didn’t watch for a hot minute!

11:02 – We talk about Chris’s Anime Secret Santa anime, Girls und Panzer!

27:03 – We talk about Patz’s Anime Secret Santa anime, Love Live!

46:31 – We talk about my Anime Secret Santa anime, Serial Experiments Lain!

Next time is Stray Dog, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and TWOCAR.

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