Stray Dog, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and TWOCAR

Playoff football is on and, as of writing this, the Kansas City Chiefs blew a pretty big lead against the Tennessee Titans. Plus there’s seemingly some drama going on in New England that could cause either Belichick or Brady to split off from the team, though I’ll believe that when I see it. But I digress.

This time, Chris (@gokuffy) joins me to continue the Kurosawa series with Stray Dog. Then Chris, Camellia (@wildpomme), Helen (@WanderinDreamr), and Ink (@AnimatedInk) join me to talk about Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Finally, Chris, Camellia, and Ink join me to talk about TWOCAR. What a packed show of like three hours of unedited audio.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris and I talk about Stray Dog!

40:19 – Chris, Camellia, Ink, Helen, and I talk about Recovery of an MMO Junkie!

1:27:59 – Chris, Camellia, Ink, and I talk about TWOCAR!

Next time is…probably Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Love Live Sunshine? Or maybe the top anime show. Who knows!

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