One Piece: East Blue – Alabasta

This is the first of hopefully a series of episodes about the One Piece manga with Patz and Grant! This time covering from the beginning of One Piece through the end of Alabasta. Grant, as you may know, is tweeting two tweets per chapter in this thread, and it’s fascinating watching it unfold.

The song you heard at the beginning of the episode was “We Are” by by Hiroshi Kitadani, the opening for (at least) the first 47 episodes of the One Piece anime.

You can find Patz on Twitter @PatzPrime, and you can find Grant on Twitter @grantthethief.

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Show notes:

0:37 – Introductions and how we got into One Piece.

8:05 – We talk about One Piece.

1:25:01 – We take your questions.

Next episode still as schedule. This was special!

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