Riding Bean and YuYu Hakusho Part 2

MLB playoffs are here, and the White Sox are of course not in it. My NL team, the Dodgers, are struggling. So here’s to rooting for the Brewers in the World Series, as that would be more fun than the Astros again or the Red Sox again again again again again again again again again (I think that is the correct number of agains).

The sports anime we’re talking about this episode is the sports anime-est of the sports anime, the Dark Tournament arc of YuYu Hakusho. Joining me for this episode is Chris (@gokuffy) and Ruby (@PassionTentacle). Dawn (@bunnycartoon) from the first episode (technically second episode?) was regrettably unable to join us, but she has her own YuYu Hakusho podcast you should listen to.

Also I mention Kuwabara’s sister’s name is Atsuko, but that’s Yusuke’s mom. Kuwabara’s sister is Shizuru. I regret this error.


Show notes:

0:30 – We talk about Riding Bean!

18:57 – We talk about the Dark Tournament!

Next time is…Seven Samura and Harukana Receive?

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