Tegami Bachi and Delinquent Housewife

The NBA draft was yesterday as I type this, and while I have no true team beyond the Iowa State Cyclones, I do have favorite players. and I support all Cyclones on their endeavors in the NBA. Now with LeBron, AD, and THT in LA, maybe I’ll go see a game.

This episode, we’re talking about Hiroyuki Asada’s Tegami Bachi published by Viz Media and Nemu Yoko’s Delinquent Housewife published by Vertical Comics.

That song you heard at the top of the episode was “Hajimari no Hi” by Shikao Suga feating Mummy-D from the Tegami Bachi anime.

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This should have been the 5/22 episode.


Show notes:

0:45 – We talk about Tegami Bachi!

18:47 – Tegami Bachi spoiler section!

34:21 – We talk about Delinquent Housewife!

Next time is Twin Spica and Pez!

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