Top Movies of 2018

It’s June as I type this, which is the perfect time to relitigate our favorite movies of 2018, I think. Asian August bleeds into Asian June.

This episode, we’re covering our top movies yet again! This time of the previous year, that is 2018. Joining me are the usual suspects: Chris (@gokuffy), Camellia (@wildpomme), and Corey (@Modandrocker). It’s almost four hours of fun.

This should have been the February or March episode, who knows.


Show notes:

0:30 – Number fives!

34:36 – Number fours!

1:05:13 – Number threes!

1:48:42 – Number twos!

2:22:44 – Number ones!

2:54:05 – Also rans, but maybe it started slightly earlier…

Next time is Throne of Blood and The Dragon Prince!

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