Top Anime of 2019

I’ve gone on a terrible journey into a downward spiral of shoe fandom, and let me say it has been both fascinating and troubling. I’ve only bought a few, but look how many more I want! They’re all (mostly actually a limited number) are good.

We’re back for our annual anime extravaganza! This one may be our shortest yet, but we still talk about some truly great anime. As always, Chris (@gokuffy) is in the cohost chair while Patz (@PatzPrime) and Helen (@WanderinDreamr) join us to discuss a bunch of anime. There was only three anime that were duplicated? One of which was triplicated.


Show notes:

0:30 – Number fives!

22:41 – Number fours!

47:11 – Number threes!

1:13:36 – Number twos!

1:48:24 – Number ones!

2:24:05 – Honorable mentions!

2:42:24 – Bonus!

Next time, I think Ink and I are gonna talk about Kandagawa Jet Girls… Also Chris, Chris, and I on High and Low.

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