High and Low and Kandagawa Jet Girls

A lot of excitement is said about trades and acquisitions when it comes to sports, but it is true what the MLBPA said in that there are real lives being affected and being thrown around like commodities or just their stats, and just gotta say, that is a very bad thing about sports.

I’m a little late with this December episode, but I didn’t actually record Kandagawa Jet Girls until later into January, and then my hard drive died, and I thought I might have lost all of the High and Low recording (and also a decade plus of photos). It was thankfully recovered with the help of a friend, which is why this is out sooner than having to rewatch and re-record High and Low.

Anyway, in this December-in-February episode…we continue the Kurosawa series with High and Low, a crime caper, with Chris (@gokuffy) and Chris (@antoniuspius) and Kandagawa Jet Girls, a bad anime, with Ink (@AnimatedInk).

The official January podcast, if you haven’t listened, is the Top Anime of 2019 show. The actual February one is Top Movies of 2019. And two special March episodes will be Top Anime of the Decade and Top Movies of the Decade. Then we’re back to Kurosawa and sports.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about High and Low!

44:41 – Ink and I talk about Kandagawa Jet Girls…

Next time is top movies of 2019!

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