Top Anime of the 2010s

I don’t have much to say here sports wise, because the sports things are basically they should cancel them all because of this COVID-19 stuff, because it is better to miss sports than, you know, die. Wash your hands, be cautious, stay safe.

This time is our 69th episode (nice), not counting half episodes and a few other special episodes, and it’s a big one! It’s Chris (@gokuffy) and Patz (@PatzPrime) joining me to talk about our favorite anime of the decade, this decade, the 2010s! Unfortunately, Ink was unable to join us, but he was very much missed, as was his discussion of Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.

A few links relevant to the things we talked about:

Listen to all of our episodes on Chihayafuru: episode one, episode 27, episode 28, and one time over at Manga In Your Ears. Also listen to Ink’s various podcasts on Chihayafuru, at Anime is Lit and OSMCast. Also here’s a comprehensive list on everything Ink has written about Chihayafuru.

Chris (and sometimes me, and other Fandom Post writers) talking about our favorite anime of 2013, including four episodes of Flowers of Evil. Also Chris on Oldtaku no Radio with Ink and Jared, talking about Flowers of Evil.

Patz on this podcast talking about Himote House on our best of 2018 podcast.

Here’s the whole original short for Kase-san, free and legal courtesy of Pony Canyon on YouTube. Also we talked about it over on Manga In Your Ears too. And Patz talked about it on the 2018 podcast.

Listen to our previous episodes on March Comes in Like a Lion: part one, part two, top of 2017, top of 2018.

Check out Oldtaku no Radio’s whole series on Space Brothers by subscribing to Ani-Gamers’ Patreon.

Patz on The Cockpit, Ani-Gamers, and this very podcast talking about SSSS.Gridman.


Show notes:

2:00 – Number 10s!

17:10 – Number nines!

35:31 – Number eights!

48:15 – Number sevens!

1:08:54 – Number sixes!

1:24:53 – Number fives!

1:47:31 – Number fours!

2:06:11 – Number threes!

2:26:15 – Number twos!

2:55:11 – Number ones!

3:20:40 – Also rans!

3:36:23 – Bonus! (I had to take a call in the middle, so Chris and Pat talked about Night is Short, Walk on Girl for a hot minute.)

Next time is top movies of the decade!

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