Red Beard, The Last Samurai, and Check Please

We’ve done 70 episodes, and I have grown and learned so much about podcasting and editing in the interim, even starting up another podcast (where we’re running out of ideas of things to talk about, so you should suggest us some titles over at @MangaInYourEars). Thank you for listening.

So for our 70th! We celebrate Mifune’s 100th. Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and I discuss his final film with Kurosawa up first with Red Beard. Then, we talk about Mifune: The Last Samurai, a documentary Criterion threw on their website to celebrate the centennial. Also we recorded these two movies like a month or so apart, so we may have repeated things thinking it would just be in one session, so apologies in advance if so.

For the sports section of the podcast, Helen (@WanderinDreamr) and I talk about Ngozi Ukazu’s Check Please, a hockey webcomic.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris, Chris. and I talk about Red Beard for the second time for us, but the first time for you!

43:34 – We talk about Mifune: The Last Samurai!

1:00:03 – Helen and I talk about Check Please!

Next time is Dodes’ka-den and Hinomaru Sumo!

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