Buddha and Beastars

NJPW just came back with the New Japan Cup, and I have been really enjoying this… AEW has been around all this time, but seeing these new wrestlers in a country that at least takes regular illness seriously by wearing masks when you go out makes it feel different (in a good way) than AEW putting on shows in Jacksonville, which does not seem safe. It could be equally unsafe, but who knows. The Sho v. Takagi match was incredible.

This episode, we’re talking about Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha published by Vertical, and Paru Itagaki’s Beastars published by Viz.

The songs you heard in the episode were “Wild side” by ALI and “Le zoo” by YURiKA, both from the Beastars.

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Show notes:

0:54 – We talk about Buddha!

18:27 – We talk about Beastars!

Next time is a special Manga Plus episode!

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