Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Clippers lost a game they should have won against the Denver Nuggets, because they seem to have given up in the third and fourth quarters defensively, and offensive bounces weren’t going their way. Here’s to a Sunday win.

This episode, I have a special guest, Randy (@ChandyRan) with me to talk about Boom Studios’ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic!

The creative team for these comics include Kyle Higgins and Marguerite Bennett (written); Hendry Prasetya, Thony Silas, and Daniel Bayliss, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Jonas Scharf, Jagdish Kumar, Simona Di Gianfelice, Diego Galindo, Simone Di Meo, Alessandro Cappuccio, Alessio Zonno, French Carlomagno, Francesco Mortarino (illustrated); Matt Herms, Bryan Valenza, Joana Lafuente, Sigi Ironmonger, Walter Baiamonte, Marcelo Costa, Francesco Segala, Eleonora Bruni, Whitney Cogar (colors); Ed Dukeshire (letters). I’m sure there are some I missed or overlooked (a lot of the covers are also done by different artists), but these are the main people listed in each comic in the first 10 trades, which is what we mainly talk about in the episode.

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You can find our guest, Randy, on Twitter at @ChandyRan.


Show notes:

0:43 – We talk about our general upbringing with Power Rangers.

9:16 – We talk about the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic!

Next time is really Chobits and Heaven’s Design Team!

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