Brick and Megalobox 2

As I watch the Chicago White Sox, I wonder if their Cy Young vote-getting ace is actually their worst pitcher this year? Poor Lucas Giolito. And as we mentioned during the first Twin Peaks podcast, any Lucas Giolito content is Twin Peaks content!

Anyway. This episode, we take a break from David Lynch to dip into Criterion’s neo noir movies as Chris (@antoniuspius) and I talk about Brick. We were going to talk about Wild at Heart, but it dropped off the streaming infrastructure, even for rent, on August 1 it seems. So we will delay that episode until next month. And then Chris, Vinnie (@VinnieAveAGC), and I talk about Megalobox 2.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris and I talk about Brick!

34:50 – Chris, Vinnie, and I talk about Megalobox 2!

Next time, it really is Wild at Heart and Farewell, My Dear Cramer!

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