The Straight Story and Salaryman’s Club

As I’m writing this, the White Sox just stopped an eight game slide (their first since 2018) with a win against the Royals, and thanks to a three-run home run by Andrew Vaughn. All I ask is that the White Sox score more runs, and prevent more runs, leading to more wins. Is that so much to ask?

Anyway. This time, Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and I continue our journey through David Lynch’s filmography with The Straight Story. Then Helen (@WanderinDreamr) and I talk about Salaryman’s Club.

Made two random factual errors in this podcast. Iowa’s area code is 712, not 714. 714 is California, and also where I worked, so I got confused. Also the miracle on ice was v. the Soviet Union, not Canada. I regret these errors.


Show notes:

0:34 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about The Straight Story

53:42 – Helen and I talk about Salaryman’s Club

Next time is Mullholland Drive and Your Lie in April

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