Inland Empire, Backflip!!, and Dance Dance Danseur

I went to two White Sox games here while they were in Anaheim. They only won half the games I went to, but on the other hand, Shohei Ohtani pitched well and that was very exciting on the other end. They’re in San Francisco now, and I sort of regret not going to one of those games, but alas.

Anyway. This episode, Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and I talk about David Lynch’s most recent feature film, Inland Empire. Then Basil (@itsbasiltime) and I talk about Backflip!! And finally, Ink (@ink_just_ink), Helen (@WanderinDreamr), Basil, and I talk about Dance Dance Danseur.

Also I mention this in the podcast, but I have a lot of podcasts recorded but not released, so I’ll double up until I don’t have any in the queue, then yet again scramble to figure out what to do for episodes each month. If I have a movie only month, now you know why. Also if it feels close-y at the end of segments, that is also why.

Link to the interview with the Yuri!!! on Ice staff by Ink and Evan on Ani-Gamers.


Show notes:

0:35 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about Inland Empire

49:44 – Basil and I talk about Backflip!!

1:15:10 – Helen, Ink, Basil, and I talk about Dance Dance Danseur

1:57:44 – Dance Dance Danseur questions

2:10:39 – Macross side bar

Next time is back to Twin Peaks with The Missing Pieces and The Return parts one through eight, Tribe Nine, and Hajime no Ippo.

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