Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 1-8, Tribe Nine, and Hajime no Ippo

Following up on the previous post here on this website, but for Manga In Your Ears, I went to an NWSL game! Angel City FC v Chicago Red Stars. The Red Stars (my first team, but truth be told, I would support any NWSL team) seemed passive in attack; maybe as a result of no Mal Pugh. And Angel City came out with the 1-0 victory. Great game, always a great experience, and most importantly easy trip to the stadium on the metro. Ban cars.

Anyway. Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and I are back to talk about two Twin Peaks things, but first we had a quick chat about Otakon 2022. Then it’s The Missing Pieces. Then it’s The Return Parts 1-8. Then it’s finally time for the second segment with Chris, Ink (@ink_just_ink), Basil (@itsbasiltime), and I where we chat about Tribe Nine. And finally Basil defends his Taiiku Southern Championship against newcomers Nate (@NateMing) and Bill (@wbforeman999), and also we all talk about Hajime no Ippo.

It’s a long episode. I have some regrets about it.

Also apparently I pre-recorded Tribe Nine with intent to post it in a different date than I will, so that explains why it’s “November.” It is August.

Here’s a link to the Effectively Wild episode on Blaseball.


Show notes:

0:30 – Chris, Chris, and I chat about Otakon for a bit

22:25 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about Twin Peaks: The Missing Piece

35:09 – Chris, Chris, and I talk about Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 1-8

1:46:39 – Chris, Basil, Ink, and I talk about Tribe Nine

2:36:15 – Basil, Nate, Bill, and I talk about Hajime no Ippo

4:05:25 – We talk about Hajime no Ippo: Champion Road

4:14:02 – We talk about Mashiba vs. Kimura

4:17:19 – We take questions about Hajime no Ippo

Next time is Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 9-18, PuraOre! ~Pride of Orange~, Sorairo Utility, and BIRDIE WING -Golf Girls’ Story-.

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