Top Movies of 2022

I don’t like the Fangraphs projection for the White Sox, and I am scared for them. They need new ownership, a new front office, and to spend like they’re in the third largest market in the U.S.

Anyway. This episode, I guess technically our first episode, is our annual top movies podcast! Welcome to the Taiiku Movies podcast, which is the Taiiku Podcast’s movie content moved to a separate feed. We’re gonna be doing the same thing we’ve been doing, talking about movies. And we’ve expanded the list to 10 movies from the usual five from the Taiiku Podcast.

Joining me (@taiikumenco) on this six hour recording journey is Chris (@gokuffy), Chris (@antoniuspius), and Corey (@modandrocker).

Read my full list of favorite 2022 movies on Letterboxd.

Join the unofficial Taiiku Podcast discord, the OSMCast discord.

Read Ritesh Babu’s piece on Vox about RRR’s “seriously troubling politics.”


Show notes:

0:30 – Number 10s

27:01 – Number nines

58:51 – Number eights

1:24:38 – Number sevens

1:46:35 – Number sixes

2:13:48 – Number fives

2:36:38 – Number fours

2:57:08 – Number threes

3:19:13 – Number twos

3:38:07 – Number ones

4:32:21 – Also rans and worst ofs, and also MCU talk

Next time begins the Jean-Pierre Melville series with Le Silence de la Mer and 24 Hours in the Life of a Clown.

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