Jean-Pierre Melville: Le Doulos

The live action One Piece rules and everyone should watch it.

This episode, Chris (@antoniuspius) leads Kory (@taiikumenco) and Chris (@gokuffy) through the wonderful world of French cinema with Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Doulos.

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Show notes:

1:44 – Chris talks about Katsuhito Ishii’s Promise of August, Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl, Party 7, Hello Junichi, Sorasoi, Norioka Workshop

15:29 – Chris talks about Secret Invasion, Ancient Magus’ Bride, Dr. Stone

24:06 – Kory talks about Hearstopper, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

30:45 – We talk about Le Doulos

Next time is OCTOBER HALLOWEEN SPECIALS (but the next Jean-Pierre Melville is Magnet of Doom)

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